The Hebrew month of Teves comes out around Chanukah, usually December and January.  It corresponds to the Hebrew letter Ayin, the mazal of Capricorn (Gedi, the kid), the tribe of Dan, the sense of anger and the liver.

The letter ayin means "eye".  This is the month of the rectification of the "evil eye."  We begin by looking at the Chanukah candles with a good eye.  In fact this is one of my favorite times of Chanukah, after lighting the candles a woman is supposed to refrain from doing any work and for 20 minutes simply gaze at the beauty and simplicity of the candles and think about the Chanukah miracle.  It is also a good time to reflect on personal miracles in our own lives.

Mazal of Capricorn
We know that Capricorn corresponds in astrology to the goat or a kid.  A goat, like kids,  jump around.  This jumping around sweetens the anger latent in the animal soul.  Every Jew has a G-dly soul and an animal soul.
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Tribe of Dan
During this month we are focused on growing up, moving from a state of immaturity to maturity.  The immature person judges people with an "evil eye", being critical and with severe judgement.  This is spiritual immaturity.  Through keeping the mitzvot, learning to give the benefit of the doubt and judging others favorably we are doing the tikun for Teves.

Dan's symbol is the snake.  The snake in Bereishit, Genesis, comes in the form of doubt.  He enticed Chava to sin. 
Nachash, the snake, has the same Gematria ( Hebrew numerology) as Moschiach (358).  The holy Zohar says the commander in chief of the army of Moschiach will come from the tribe of Dan.

The sense of anger
In this month try and use righteous anger to become angry at the evil inclination.  Direct the left "evil" eye towards himself to subdue the go while directing the right "good" eye to judge favorably.

The Liver

The sages teach us that "the liver is angry." The function of the liver [kaved, in Hebrew] is to purify the blood with which it is saturated. In Kabbalah, the liver corresponds to the primordial snake, whose rectification is personified by Dan. (The three "rulers" of the body and soul are the brain, the heart, and the liver, which correspond to Adam, Eve, and the snake, respectively).

The snake, in Kabbalah, represents the initial state of immaturity of the soul, as characterized by the unrectified attribute of anger. The venom of the snake is hot, like the fire of anger. When converted to the good, the fire (and blood of the liver) serve to warm the cold month of Tevet.

In Chinese medicine the liver is connected to anger as well.  So if a person has an anger problem it could manifest itself as having problems with the liver.

Ultimately when we work on each month and its rectification we can heal our body because it is just an encasing for the soul as we go on our Earth journey.



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